About Us.

New Music World is a music blog by music fans for music fans whether they’re musicians themselves or consumers of music. 

We’ll be actively promoting listening guides (Best Music For Studying, According to Science) to help you find the best new music and our audio gear reviews, so that you can find the best ways to listen to that music. 

When we review something – for example, the best budget laptops for music production – you should know that we spend a lot of time with it, our team does full on hands-on-testing, reaches out to the relevant industry figures to get their insight, we examine any relevant research and we talk to other users about their experiences too. 

That means when we recommend something, we can fully stand behind it because it’s based on our experiences (and often pleasure) of using something. 

Our team is just like you, we’re not a big corporation full of faceless journos, we’re a bunch of music lovers that want to share their passion with the world and we aspire to serve our audience with the best possible information. 

If you think we’re doing a good job or a bad one and want to let us know, feel free to drop us a line at theteam @ newmusicworld.org. 

You should also follow our social channels because we’ll be highlighting exciting music every day on them, making it super easy for you to hear of developments as they happen.

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